Our European products

Below you will find an overview of our product range for the treatment and control of water in terms of quality, purity and safety.

We work closely with a select group of European partners and all products are also manufactured within Europe. With this we demonstrate that high-quality European products can also be supplied at an affordable price without the need for production to be moved outside the EU. This means a short delivery time, a lower CO2 footprint, a higher degree of sustainability and minimal dependence on intercontinental supply chains and transport lines.

Choosing H2Optimizer is choosing Made in Europe.

Countries of origin:
Netherlands, Belgium, Estonia, Austria, Italy, Scotland

Pre-filters & flush timers

Anyone who attaches great importance to really pure, clear and vital water is willing to invest in it. In quality products that have distinguished their effectiveness and durability in tests, produced by manufacturers that are leaders in their market segment through innovation and user-friendliness. Those who choose equipment of such high quality want to protect their investments as well as possible to prevent malfunctions or permanent damage. It is therefore advisable to protect your water treatment system with an effective pre-filter. The investment in a pre-filter can pay for itself very quickly. Flushing timers are used to keep little-used water pipes free of biofilms to prevent, for example, the legionella bacteria.

Aquaphor water filters

Aquaphor is a leading manufacturer of water filtration systems and Reverse Osmosis drinking water equipment with innovative and patented solutions for long-term high-efficiency application of water treatment techniques.
For so-called Point Of Entry (POE) use, we apply two Aquaphor models, for purified water in the entire home or business space:

  • Aquaphor Viking series with stainless steel housing and filter elements with the patented Aqualen technology
  • Aquaphor Big Blue Gross series with Aqualen or polypropylene filter elements

The filter elements with patented Aqualen technology not only remove solid particles from your tap water, but also eliminate heavy metals, chemicals, medicine and drug substances, pesticides and PFAS. The ionizing Aqualen minerals attach these substances to themselves and retain them in the filter element, but allow the useful minerals in the tap water such as calcium and magnesium to pass through.

The H2Optimizer Vital series water filters basically consist of the Aquaphor Viking water filters, but are additionally equipped with an external water vitalizer unit which is mounted on the standard Aquaphor Viking water filter. In addition to purification, the tap water is also vitalized by giving it back its natural own frequency.


The EWO water vitalizer

Nature was and is the model for the development of the EWO method.
The wealth of experience of many pioneers in the field of water research forms an important basis for the construction of EWO water optimization devices and vitalizers.
Thanks to the research work of these scientists, we know that three factors are crucial to revive and revitalize tap water and thus regain its natural vibrancy and vitality:

  • swirl (vortex method)
  • magnetization
  • information transfer (from natural spring water)

Aquaphor APRO 120 UN

New top product for drinking water preparation!

  • A mobile or stationary water purification station for extreme conditions.
  • Suitable for perfect drinking water from any source or surface water (river water)!
  • Self-sufficient inland shipping: making safe drinking water from surface water!


The APRO 120 UN is a portable or stationary water purification station. It provides top quality drinking water under extreme conditions with limited access to electricity:
• Emergencies without access to clean water
• Floating facilities (ship, houseboat, etc.),
   drinking water supply in remote locations (islands, etc.)
• Recreational residences, temporary accommodations,
   event locations, etc.

Distinctive features:

v Extremely energy-saving & suitable for any energy source: works on DC24V
Patented ultra-low energy consumption technology saves up to 50% energy and allows any power source: a small solar panel, car battery (with an adapter), electrical network (DC24V or AC220V).

v Smart remineralization for delicious and healthy water
Smart remineralization system ensures the optimal balance of minerals and ensures healthy and tasty water.

v Plug & Play
Easy maintenance & user-friendly operation. No need for highly qualified personnel.

v Less anti-scale agent required
Patented pre-filtration cartridge (Viking Pro-H) with anti-scale effect reduces the need for anti-scalant agents.

Aquaphor Professional

In addition to water filters and Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems for small-scale use at home, in a practice or office space, Aquaphor also has a division for commercial applications and large-scale industrial use, which is what the Aquaphor Professional division is involved in.
Aquaphor Professional designs and builds Reverse Osmosis (RO) and ultrafiltration systems (UF) as well as combinations of these two techniques (UF-RO). In addition to a line of serially produced models, Aquaphor Professional is mainly known for turnkey projects with installations according to the client's requirements. General characteristics of the Aquaphor products are their high effectiveness thanks to groundbreaking Aquaphor patents, low noise, energy-efficient, easy to maintain and the very favorable price/quality ratio.

H2Optimizer water treatment units

In addition to supplying individual components, we also put together complete water treatment systems using the same high-quality components as described above. And of course tailor-made and tuned in accordance with your specifications and requirements.
Our H2Optimizer units are delivered ready to use and find their way into a diversity of sectors. Think of applications in the maritime field such as (cruise) shipping and offshore activities. But also solutions in the field of a drinking water supply in temporary accommodations of contractors on construction sites. Or tap water treatment at campsites and holiday parks, in office units and multi-company buildings, and so on.

In short, are you looking for a solution in the field of water quality, water hygiene and water safety? Then contact us. H2Optimizer (almost) always has a solution for your problem!

H2Optimizer UV-C water sterilizers

Our series of UV-C water sterilizers have been replaced by a new generation. The new generation of UV-C water sterilizers has ultraviolet lamps that produce less heat than the old series with amalgam UV-C lamps, which is an advantage when there is no flow of water for some time. Less heat emission means that less power is consumed, making these sterilizers more energy efficient. Nevertheless, the new UV-C lamps have a 'high-output', which makes the installation dimensions very compact.
The new range has been further improved by a higher water pressure resistance and no longer has plastic parts but consists entirely of high-quality stainless steel 316.

Hydrosense Legionella rapid on-site test kits

Hydrosense is a manufacturer of rapid test kits for the detection of Legionella pneumophila SG-1 bacteria, the cause of the notorious Legionnaires' Disease. The essential advantage of the Hydrosense self-test kits is that you as a manager or responsible for water quality, water hygiene and water safety can now quickly and efficiently test water samples yourself, with a reliable result within 30 minutes and that you can get the test result directly from the location with the with final responsibility via the free Hydrosense Pro portal on your smartphone.

The major advantages of the Hydrosense Legionella self-rapid test kits are:

  • Quickly test water samples on site, result within 30 minutes
  • No special training required, clear video instructions per test kit available
  • Individuals can use this to test their Jacuzzi and pool water themselves
  • No intervention of laboratories with culture tests and results only after 2 weeks
  • Also faster than PCR testing, and with much higher reliability
  • Test samples on-site, no risk of contamination during the transport of test samples
  • Hydrosense also detects Legionella bacteria in VBNC stages
  • Test kits available for water samples and surface samples (swab tests)
  • Test kits available with high sensitivity (<100 CFU / ltr)
  • Share test results directly from location via the free Hydrosense Pro portal per smartphone
  • Substantially cheaper than culture or PCR test via a research laboratory

The Hydrosense test kits are supplied by us to all application areas where water safety is of the utmost (life) importance. Think of the maritime and offshore sector, temporary water facilities at, for example, construction sites, office buildings, care institutions and practice rooms, hotels and guesthouses, restaurants and bars, spa & wellness, air-conditioning heat exchangers and cooling towers, sports and convention accommodations including shower facilities, and so on

Airfixr air disinfection devices


The air we breathe is one of our most important basic needs. Unfortunately, our air is not equally clean everywhere. Infectious bacteria, viruses and fungi spread easily through the air and can make us sick. In addition, air can contain pollen and dust particles that can trigger allergic reactions such as hay fever.

Airfixr air disinfection units ensure reliable air purification in all types of rooms up to 150m3 or a multiple by installing two or more units.. Larger amounts of m3 can also be filtered by placing multiple devices in a room. The Airfixr is extremely suitable for professional use and has a high price/quality yield per m2. The unit is quiet, easy to install, ready to use and easy to use. All this makes this device attractive for numerous applications.