Welcome to our new website

October 2021
Originating from a health practice, the activities of our pure water systems have expanded to such an extent that it was time for our own website. This also allowed the range to be expanded considerably. In addition to water filter systems for domestic use, we can now also serve various industries, thanks in part to intensive cooperation with our specialized European partners.

Legionella safe from Covid-19 lockdown with rapid test

October 21, 2022
Suspicion of Legionella pneumophila Sero Group 1 infection? Take the Hydrosense rapid test! Start the spring season safely with the Hydrosense rapid test.
No more long waiting times for results of a laboratory culture test or a less reliable PCR test. With the Hydrosense Legionella Field Test Kits you can easily test water samples on location. Also on legionella bacteria in VBNC stages. Reliable test result in 30 minutes at the test location, share the result directly with the responsible administrator via the free Hydrosense Pro portal app on your smartphone.

Aquaphor Professional Modular Monoblock System

January 12, 2022
The groundbreaking stackable RO water treatment solution for businesses that is easy to scale. With these units of varying production capacity, a company is flexible to assemble the system that perfectly suits current needs and conditions and modify it as needed.
Features modular Aquaphor APRO monoblock system:
• Patented high-frequency discharge
• Ultra low energy consumption
• System operates in fully automatic mode with remote control
• Robust construction and easy maintenance
• Quiet operation

Our new DWU series drinking water hydrophore

October 13, 2021
We have selected the best components from our range and brought them together in a sublime drinking water hydrophore for truly pure water. With unique and patented filter patents for unprecedented performance. We have developed the new H2Optimizer DWU series primarily for permanent maritime applications, but can also be used very practically as a temporary solution for a safe drinking water supply.