H2Optimizer Vital water filters with vitalizer

Our H2Optimizer Vital series of water filters with vitalizer function is the result of combining our knowledge with the top products of some leading manufacturers. Our H2Optimizer Vital water filters distinguish themselves on crucial points in terms of filtration and vitalization technology, effectiveness and affordability. Patented Aquaphor water filters with multifunctional EWO water vitalizers guarantee optimum operation. By using the shortest possible lines from manufacturer directly to H2Optimizer and end user, we are able to offer this combination of water filter with vitalizer function at affordable prices. And for that you get a water treatment system with an ultimate performance level for the best quality water in the entire home, practice, office, etc.

H2Optimizer Vital series water filters in a solid stainless steel housing and with an external water vitalizer

  • For placement directly after the water meter (POE: Point Of Entry)
  • Dual-core filter element: sediment and carbon filter
  • With patented Aqualen technology: ionizing Aqualen minerals bind heavy metals, chemicals, oils, etc., but not the useful minerals such as calcium and magnesium
  • Contains nano silver particles for anti-bacterial effect
  • Harmful substances removal (%):

           Chlorine: -100%

           Chloroform: -99.5%

           Phenol: -98%

           Petrochemicals: -99%

           Pesticides: -97%

           Lead: -99.5%

           Copper: -98%

           Cadmium: -99%

  • Also removes medicine and drug residues
  • Filter fineness elements: 5 or 1 micron
  • For cold or hot tap water
  • Equipped with an integrated vitalizer tube
  • With external multifunctional water vitalizer triple action: frequency transfer, helix swirl and magnetism

**) The Vital Maxi can also be equipped with a larger water vitalizer for an extra vitalization boost. This version is the Vital Maxi-XL.

Compact version
As standard, the water filter and the water vitalizer are assembled in-line. When the installation space is limited, they can also be mounted in an L-configuration for more compact installation dimensions. This is our Compact version for both the Vital Midi and the Vital Maxi combi filters.

H2Optimizer Vital Compact model
                                                   W x D x H (mm)
Vital Midi Compact                 200 x 225 x 425
Vital Maxi Compact                200 x 225 x 600
Vital Maxi-XL Compact          233 x 240 x 600

H2Optimizer Vital Midi

This model is placed directly after the water meter (POE).
Water flow rate                                       *)
Water pressure, max                              6.9 bar
Connections                                            3/4" (2x)
Dimensions / W x D x H (mm)              265 x 195 x 425

*) Available filter cartridges:
    B515 Midi PRO                                   15 ltr/min | 5-micron | cold water (former B515-13)
    B515-14                                               15 ltr/min | 5-micron | hot water
    B150-Midi                                            7 ltr/min | 1-micron | cold water
Replacement interval                              90.000 ltr or after 1 year of use

H2Optimizer Vital Maxi

This model is placed directly after the water meter (POE).
Water flow rate                                       *)
Water pressure, max                             6,9 bar
Connections                                            3/4" (2x)
Dimensions / W x D x H (mm)               
> Vital Maxi standard execution          265 x 195 x 600
> Vital Maxi-XL execution                     290 x 195 x 600 **)

*) Available filter cartridges:
    B520 PRO                                            25 ltr/min | 5-micron | cold water (former B520-13)
    B520-14                                               25 ltr/min | 5-micron | hot water
    B150-Plus                                            10 ltr/min | 1-micron | cold water

*) Special filter cartridges: polypropylene sediment/de-iron cartridges (pre-filtration)
B520-PP20                                           25 ltr/min | 20-micron | cold water
B520-PP5                                             25 ltr/min | 5-micron | cold water
Replacement interval                              150.000 ltr or after 1 year of use

AQUAPHOR water filter

Premium water filters from Aquaphor for really pure water.

A bigger future means pushing the boundaries of today. Aquaphor Professional continuously challenges the current technological state of water purification to introduce you to simple things like a refreshing sip of water, a tasteful dinner with people you love, an invigorating shower, a soft touch of home textiles, etc.

Aquaphor PRO Aqualen filter elements effectively remove:

  • organic impurities
  • heavy metals
  • active chlorine
  • rust and colloidal iron
  • sand and other insoluble impurities

The outer layer is a unique patented composite material based on the fibrous sorbents of the AQUALEN family and finely divided fractions of activated coconut charcoal with a porosity of up to 20 microns

The inner layer is a super dense carbon block for deep water purification and conditioning.
Effectively removes particles down to 5 microns. Prevents the proliferation of bacteria due to the presence of silver in its activated ionic form.

Special filter elements are available for specific applications, such as 1-micron fine filtration, 5-micron for hot water systems (<65°C), deferrization filter elements and polypropylene sediment filter elements.

But things are only made simple for us humans through complex technological feats from innovative manufacturers.

Welcome to the world of Aquaphor for perfect, clean and clinically pure water!

EWO Classic water vitalizer

For the restructuring and (re)vitalization of water, the EWO method uses three instruments that ensure that the water molecules acquire a harmonious and natural structure. As a result, the water not only tastes better, it also acquires new and positive properties.

An EWO Classic on the main water supply supplies your entire house or company with revitalized water. Vital water supports your health, reduces existing and prevents new limescale deposits. By using vital water you can also save at least 50% on the use of chemicals, cleaning agents and pesticides. Improve your living environment in all areas by using pure & vital water as nature intended!
The EWO Classic is only a water vitalizer, for filtering water we recommend a matching Aquaphor Viking water filter.

The EWO vitalization process
For restructuring and vitalizing water, the EWO Method uses three instruments that ensure that the water molecules acquire a harmonious and natural structure. As a result, the water not only tastes better, it also acquires new and positive properties.

1. Swirl
Just as the water in nature swirls and bubbles over stones and rocks, the EWO method directs the water flow over the built-in double helix.
Viktor Schauberger discovered decades ago that water can be revitalized by strong turbulence.

2. Magnetism
The housing of the EWO appliances is made of high-quality stainless steel (duplex steel 1.4462). This stainless steel is very easy to magnetize.
The water now flows through the integrated natural magnetic field.
It is a fact that the same substance can exist in different crystalline phases. This situation is called polymorphism (diversity) and it applies to chemical elements or compounds.

3. Information transfer
The information water in EWO products consists of a high energy charge of the purest spring water from Austria. This is enriched with a special combination of high quality additives that influence the water that flows past it. This causes the water to transmit natural and harmonious information again. The celebrated German physicist Wolfgang Ludwig discovered decades ago that water has the peculiar property of storing and transmitting information in its environment.
The Law of Resonance will help explain this: Everything has a natural oscillation or frequency, be it a human being, water or any other object. A specific vibration on which it feels "nice". This law has a draw on everything: canteens, animals, planning and objects. What is needed to kick-start the natural frequency is a form of energy that is at the root of all elements and life forms… Vital Water.