Whole House RO-system (POE: Point-Of-Entry)

A Reverse Osmosis (RO) system for purified water throughout the home, practice, office, etcetera.



Eco-friendly 1000 LPH (liters per hour) solution for multi-purpose whole-home RO water purification suitable for residential or commercial applications. Affordable, practical APRO-1000-WH water purifier replaces water softeners that are cheaper to purchase, but significantly more expensive to use.

APRO-1000-WH is a sustainable option for salt softeners for households and small commercial and public entities thanks to its innovative membrane anti-clogging system, powered by two energy-saving pumps. Aquaphor introduces a patented high-frequency drainage system. Two smaller pumps together in duo create a fast circulating flow rate with up to 50% energy savings compared to a much larger and more expensive pump in a classic system.

Whole-home reverse osmosis systems ensure that your entire home is free from traces of water hardness, salts, chemicals and such modern pollutants as hormonal agents, slightly radioactive medical research materials, drug residues and micro/nanoplastics.