The Retap glass water drinkware products

The Retap Water Glass - 400 ml

The Retap Water Glass is based on the same elegant design of the Retap Bottles and meets all aspects of Danish Design. Elegant, Simplicity and Practical.
These glasses are ideal to use with table water during dinner or for serving water during business meetings or in restaurants. The glasses have a capacity of 250 ml, are made of borosilicate (laboratory glass) and are suitable for the dishwasher, microwave and refrigerator. The glass is designed in Denmark and produced in Europe.

The Retap Water Glass fits perfectly with your Retap Caraf or Retap Bottle 08. It has the same elegant and luxurious design as the Retap Bottles and the Retap Caraf. The glass is made of borosilicate glass (laboratory glass) and is dishwasher safe.

De Retap Bottle water bottle range: 300, 500 en 800 ml

The Retap Bottles are the Lifestyle Product of the moment. Retap makes drinking water hip, modern and extra fun again. The Retap Bottle is a Danish Design bottle with multiple designer awards and more importantly. It's a bottle with a vision. Sustainable, No Plastic and a healthy lifestyle.

A BPA free design water bottle made of extra strong laboratory (borosilicate) glass, 30% recycled glass, completely free of lead and cadmium, cradle to cradle 100% recyclable. This glass is virtually unbreakable. The edges are finished in such a way that you can drink water from the bottle very pleasantly. In addition, this design ensures that the bottle is easy to keep clean. The bottle and leak-proof cap are dishwasher safe.

Present our pure drinking water in a representative way: in a stylish water bottle with your logo.

De Retap Caraf water carafe: 1200 ml

The Retap Caraf is characterized by all aspects of Danish Design. Beautiful because of its simplicity, functionality, suitable for daily use and thus follows the line of the Retap Bottles, which have already received several worldwide designer awards. The design guarantees optimal water flow during pouring and is designed to be easy to hold with one hand.
The Carafe is suitable for 1.2 liters of (sparkling) water and made of extra hard laboratory glass (borosilicate glass), its finish meets the highest hygiene requirements. The material is completely free of chemical materials, so that the water also remains safe and fresh and is therefore 100% safe for health. The Caraf falls into the feather-lightweight category.

Present our pure drinking water in a representative way: in a stylish carafe with your logo.